Play movies as your desktop background!

Float movies over all other windows and work though it!

Resize and position your movie anywhere

DVDesktop is an exciting new way to watch your digital movies by letting you watch them as a floating transparent window or play them as desktop video wallpaper.

Watch your movies in window mode and the movie floats over every window on your desktop. It lets you click and type through the movie window as if it wasn’t even there. It’s the best unobtrusive way to work and have a movie playing at the same time.

With DVDesktop Video you can also replace static, non-moving background pictures with beautiful digital full motion videos while still having access to all desktop icons, windows and applications.

“It’s something that I didn’t know I always wanted. I’m actually watching movies over all my work and it's fantastic!”
-- Alex

Download and install the free QuickTime plugin Perian and you can watch FLV, MKV, AVI and many other video formats.. To download Perian visit their web site at http://perian.org/

Some of the features include:

  • Have your DVDs and digital movies play in crisp full screen wallpaper mode or in a window set to any size you want
  • See and click through a DVD or digital movie window while you work in other applications
  • Watch your movies in a transparent window
  • Watch your movies as a desktop wallpaper
  • Full screen and window modes
  • Move and Resize the movie the way you want
  • Change the transparency
  • Continuously Loop Mode
  • VIDEO_TS folder support so you can play DVDs off of your hard drive
  • Save a DVD bookmark anytime or automatically when closing

Due to DRM restrictions DVDesktop cannot play movies purchased from iTunes.